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Market InsightsSummer 2019-2020

Graeme Donaldson Commercial and Industrial Specialist

Season’s Greetings to one and all,

October, November and December have seen an influx in activity after a quiet winter with a significant change in the type of transactions being concluded by MB Cook. Typically 81% of our monthly transactions are leases however with the changing market we are seeing up to 50% being sales of commercial property. What’s causing this? Obviously there are many and varied reasons but the majority of these transactions are being concluded by owner occupiers. Low interest rates both now and in the foreseeable future tend to be driving this trend. In saying this there are still a number of investors in the market endeavouring to find homes for their funds. These investors are being particularly careful about what they buy with their decision making process primarily based around location, quality of tenant, initial tenure and also the quality of the building. Has it achieved 67 – 100% NBS? If you are considering selling perhaps now is the right time to speak to us at MB Cook and discuss the options for your property.

We were recently directed to a web site that showed one of our properties that had been strengthened to 67% of NBS was showing on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Website as being an earthquake prone building. A real shock to the vendor who ultimately found that although his building had passed its final inspection by council, code compliance had never been applied for. A lesson to us all to ensure when building work has been completed that all required paperwork has also followed through the appropriate process.

December has seen an updated Sale and Purchase agreement released. There have been significant changes, too many to discuss within this market update but we bring this to both buyer and vendors’ attention. We suggest that before signing you take the time to review the sale and purchase agreement carefully especially the general conditions or better still (and all parts of the industry recommend this) seek legal advice before signing. MB Cook will be happy to supply you with a copy of the new sale and purchase agreement with some of the changes highlighted but this cannot be constituted as you taking legal advice.

On a really positive note it’s so great to see the area around Oxford Terrace alive with activity. We are advised that during the weekend and at the time of writing up to 15,000 people are visiting the Farmers Market daily. With the warm weather the bars and eateries look to be awash with activity. From an outsider perspective Christchurch is really buzzing. A huge thank you and congratulations to all those developers who have had the vision to bring Christchurch to what we experience today.

From the team at MB Cook we wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable summer!

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