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Our understanding of the commercial and industrial property market and our commitment to genuine service has set us apart since the beginning of the business in 1928. Working honestly and developing long-term relationships is what our reputation is built on.

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Spring UpdateSeptember 2020

Graeme Donaldson Commercial and Industrial Specialist

What a roller coaster ride we have experienced over the last few months. Covid19, something no one could see coming, has had a huge impact on our economy and unemployment and we have the upcoming elections just around the corner. Typically in the months leading up to the elections commercial property transactions have slowed. This said, having spoken to a number of retailers, residential property brokers, manufacturers and car sales these businesses have been frantic with sales far exceeding expectation. Their major issue has been the lack of inventory arriving from overseas to replenish their dwindling stocks.

What MB Cook is experiencing

Post lockdown (May onward) we immediately saw transactions coming back into play to the extent that levels mirrored those of last year. This trend has continued with both listings and enquiry coming in thick and fast. MB Cook, being strong in leasing, have since lockdown seen 78% of their transactions resulting in leases and the balance in sales. There is a good feeling of optimism out in the market place that leads us to believe that we may well be past the tough times experienced over the past six months.

Commercial Property – Buying, Selling, Leasing

Have you an investment property that you are simply tired of, have you a vacant building, are you still wrestling with a building sub 67% NBS? So often we are finding, due to various reasons, people are put in a position of having to sell their buildings at short notice. Unfortunately in a lot of circumstances these buildings have a low NBS rating (sub 67%). Yes, if you have a building between 34-67% you are not obliged to do anything with it short term (unless you are seeking a change of use), however buyers and banks have a completely different approach to this. We highly recommend that you become proactive in this regard and bring your building up to the desired NBS rating for banks and insurance companies just in case you should find yourself be in a position whereby you need/want to sell in a hurry.

Currently we are fielding a vast number of calls regarding vacant buildings and to that end what landlords should be doing to get them leased out. The market has changed and we simply have to accept this. The first question we so often ask is “Is your building a short term hold or long term. This simple question will define your options going forward. A long term hold, you can meet the market as far as rent goes. A short term hold and it’s time to maximise your rent.

Investment Properties - Selling?

Given interest rates are at an all time low, investors are desperate to seek alternative investment options. We are regularly fielding calls for investment stock. Now might just be the time to maximise the return on your property. If you have a well leased property that you are considering selling it might well be the right time to go to market. Yields are low, especially for well leased properties and this is driving the value of buildings up. Call MB Cook to discuss your selling options.

Times have changed, we are hearing some very sad business stories out there but for every sad story there are at least ten great stories where companies are really thriving. Money is flowing within our micro economy, people are spending up large and for Christchurch, it’s simply a great place to live.

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